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Doreen Orsini loves breaking rules, especially when writing books filled with romance, suspense, and erotic interludes. Highly acclaimed by reviewers and fans for intense in-your-face erotic scenes that make readers ‘Cross Legs & Squeeze’, suspense that captivates them from the first page until the last, and haunting descriptions that bring her books to life; she releases her inner comedienne with her “Breaking News” items about Orsini Fans Gone Wild. Determined to shock, awe, and bring tears to her readers’ eyes,

Doreen pens dark erotic contemporary and paranormal tales that tread where few dare. As a columnist for SUITE and guest columnist for other ezines, she writes articles that help women embrace their sexuality and all the world has to offer them. She also contributes to various RWA publications to help aspiring authors.



Doreen credits her father for her writing career. A veritable bookworm, she passed up the candy and toys her peers chose as rewards for good grades and asked her father for one book per ‘A’. He, thrilled that she shared his love for the written word, agreed. Doreen’s library grew in leaps and bounds. Her father read the stories she wrote between report cards and proclaimed to all who would listen that one day he would hold a book written by his talented daughter. His support continued while she acquired her college degree in English and Publishing. When life and love put her writing career on hold, he reminded her of it constantly until she returned to writing and achieved their dream.

Erotica has always intrigued Doreen. From the first time she stumbled upon her fraternal grandmother’s True Confession magazines and read every one, she discovered that she had dark desires that fueled many erotic fantasies. She held them at bay--to a certain degree--until she met and married her own kinky hero, one who shared her second great love, horror.

Not many will brag that their children watched horror movies while still sucking on bottles, but Doreen does. She feels it has created a unique bond between her four children, one that links her two teens with her two youngest. A romantic at heart, it’s no wonder she considers Dracula the greatest romance of all time and has created a series that brings the two lovers back together.

She writes constantly, losing herself in the worlds she creates, crying as she writes tragic scenes for the characters she creates, characters she sees as living, breathing people who eventually tell her where the story will lead and end. When not writing, promoting, or enjoying her time with her family, Doreen spends most of her time interacting and forming friendships with her readers

Favorite Q and A



What is your favorite color?
Crimson, the real red. It is the color most associated with all I embrace and write about. Erotica, lust, love, blood, Christmas, hearts, candy apples, tomato sauce, and passion. Wrap me in red satin sheets, and I'm a happy lady. Visit my house at Christmas. You'll see a tree with red balls, a house with red ribbon draped over, swirled around, and dripping from every structure, and a garden with red lights on every bush. During the fall, I take my chances and bite into apples I'm allergic to, simply because I can't resist the red candy coating them. Crimson, a dark, vibrant red, is my weakness, my addiction.

What is your favorite quote?
I don't play your rules, I make my own. ~Pink
It's only kinky the first time. ~Unknown

What is your favorite pastime?
I love my kids and husband, but I have to say writing and reading. Now, if my body could take it without numbing out from excess stimulation, I'd have sex 24/7.

What music do you listen to?
Rock, Alternative, Pop, Classical, and Broadway tunes. There's little I don't like when it comes to music. While writing, I prefer sensual, dark songs that get me in the right mood. Immortal by Evanescense is perfect for writing vampire tales. Addicted by Kelly Clarkson works for both paranormal and erotica.

What is your favorite kind of movies?
Romance and horror, but I'll watch any movie if there is a romance woven into it.

What books do you like to read?
Paranormal romances, historical romances, and ultra erotic romances. I rarely read a book that does not have some romance.

What are you reading now?
Sadly, I don't have time at the moment to read.

What are your favorite scenes to write?
I'm torn between the erotic scenes where the hero is seducing the hell out of the heroine and those sinister black moments. Must be all those horror movies I watched.

What advice can your give for an aspiring writer?
Take a chance and break a rule or two. I sent out queries with the first ten pages enclosed and received more requests than I ever did following the 'just send the query letter' rule. Also, take writing and grammar courses at your nearby college. Many offer them as part of a continuing education program. Never stop participating in workshops on writing and promoting. Also, join RWA. It will help you get those contacts necessary to succeed.


Doreen blogs at Moonglade Elite Authors Blog every Thursday

June 15
2007 Annual LIRW Luncheon
Milleridge Inn
Jericho, NY

October 5 - 6
NJRW Put Your Heart In a Book Conference
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