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How well do you know Doreen Orsini's spicy characters and storylines? Come and test your skills and be sure to contact Doreen and let her know how well you did. She would love to hear from you.

1. In Hunting Diana, Diana tells Terry that she lost her virginity
  • at the lake with Lucian
  • in the woods with her phantom lover
  • from masterbating in her sleep

2. In Hunting Diana, as a baby, Lucian nursed by drinking the blood of 
  • wolves
  • Mina
  • his mother, Olympia

3. In Hunting Diana, Diana protects vampires Luna and Colette from
  • her father
  • Lucian
  • Olympia 

4. In Hunting Diana, Diana dances naked whenever she goes skinny dipping with her friends. Why?
  • She believes that the moon gives her a star to wish upon with every dance.
  • She believes she is the Goddess Diana and that her friends are nymphs.
  • She believes people across the lake are watching and it turns her on.

5. In No One But Madison, Madison's last undercover role was a
  • hooker
  • waitress.
  • bum

6. In No One But Madison, this reminds Madison that 'she belongs to Drake'
  • A voicemail
  • A bell
  • A tattoo

7. In No One But Madison, Madison must answer questions about what show after being sexually tortured?

  • ER
  • Oprah
  • Greys Anatomy

8. In Tanner's Angel, Tanner ties Angel to the bed then
  • has his way with her
  • shares her with his friend
  • leaves the room

9. In Tanner's Angel, Angel's mother is
  • dead
  • in a coma
  • married to another man

10. In Tanner's Angel, what horrifies and embarrasses Angel?
  • A video
  • Her father's latest pastry creation
  • Tanner's plans for their future

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